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Besiktas comes to Zagreb
20 01 2014 03:02:00

In the third round of Eurocup's Group P Cedevita will play at home against Besiktas. The game will be held on Wednesday at 18:15 CET.

Cedevita coach Jasmin Repesa: "After winning both games in the first two rounds, Besiktas is currently in the best position in Group P. There are only four games left and we have to win. After losing at home to Lietuvos Rytas in the previous round, we cannot afford ourselves to lose another game in Zagreb. Besiktas is a great team, full of great players at every position. They are very experienced and have great shooters. It will be a very tough game. Besiktas is also a team that runs well in transition. Many players on that team are very good ball handlers and they are able to create shooting opportunities for their teammates."

Center Miro Bilan: "It will be a very challenging game. Besiktas is respected team and this is a very important game. In case of the second loss at home, we would put ourselves in a very bad position. We are looking forward to this game and I believe that we will play well. We have to play aggressive and play team basketball. When we do that, we can compete with anyone. Lately, our fans have been great and I hope they will come to support us in this game, too. I believe it will be a good game and I hope that we will win for our fans."

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