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Cedevita defeated by Unicaja
17 10 2014 07:05:00
On the opening night of Euroleague Cedevita lost at home to Unicaja 78:63. Unicaja took the lead for good with a 14-0 run at the end of the second quarter. 

After trailing by 11 points after the first half, Cedevita had a chance to cut Unicaja's lead to just five points with five minutes left in the game, but Ante Delas and Luka Babic both missed open threes.

Cedevita played without Roko Ukic and Ivan Ramljak. 
Miro Bilan led hosts with 15 points and 10 rebounds, while Ryan Toolson scored 20 points for Unicaja.



Cedevita coach Jasmin Repesa: "In this moment Unicaja is a much better team. They played well enough to win. We can win in Euroleague only if we play the best we can, and that was not the case tonight. Unfortunately, we missed some open threes that would cut Unicaja's lead to just five points, but the way Tomas played tonight makes me optimistic for the future."

Cedevita center Miro Bilan: "I would like to congratulate Unicaja. They played very well. Our plan was to play as smart as we can and not to make many mistakes, but we had problems with turnovers and rebounds. Their big run at the end of the second quarter was crucial. It was really hard to play after that. Despite of that, we had couple opportunities to cut their lead to just five points, but we missed shots."

Unicaja coach Joan Plaza: "In the first round of Euroleague, Unicaja have won only four times out of 15 in its history. I think many teams will lose here in Zagreb, and it is great to start a season with a win. We shot only 63 percent from the free throw line, but we played with maximum intensity on defense. I have coached Mario Delas and Marko Tomas. Everybody knows Mark Tomas is injured and he is coming back from injury and I think Cedevita will be a much better team with healthy Tomas and Roko Ukic."

Unicaja small forward Mindaugas Kuzminskas: "We are really happy to win our first game in new Euroleague season. It is not easy to win here. We shared the ball really well and our PIR is much better then Cedevita's. This game was close for so long because we committed 17 turnovers. We cannot afford ourselves to lose so many balls, especially in closing moments."

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