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Cedevita held Media Day
23 09 2015 01:39:00

More than 30 media members visited Euroleague Media Day of KK Cedevita, which the Croatian Champions held in their Basketball Dome on Wednesday.

All players and coaches posed for the photos and some of them shared their thoughts about the upcoming season with the media members.

Head coach Veljko Mrsic: "We started preparing for the upcoming season on August 8th. Zoric, Bilan, Gordic and Pullen played at Eurobasket and Katic and Zganec were injured, so we weren’t complete until last week. The most important thing now is to incorporate in our system the players that joined us later as soon as possible."

Gianmarco Pozzecco, new assistant coach of Cedevita: "I am happy to be here in Zagreb and I will do my best to help Veljko become the best coach in Europe. We won Italian Championship when we played together in Varese and I think we bring luck to the club when we are together."

Center Luka Zoric: "Cedevita is a well-organized club. I am glad I joined this team and the most important thing for us is to improve our game every day."

Point guard Jacob Pullen: "Zagreb is a nice city. I look forward to play in Euroleague and I hope we will advance to Top 16. Regarding my role in this time, I am a playmaker with ability to score, but we have some very good players here and my role in this team will be different every night. I will always play hard and I just want to help my team win."

Small forward James White: "Everyone in the city and club are great. Cedevita is a very well-organized club. Coach Mrsic and assistant coaches are really great and I believe we will do great things this season. I think we will have our chance to advance to Euroleague Top 16. A lot of people will sleep on us and I think we will surprise many of them."

Playmaker Toni Katic: "Coach Mrsic and assistant coach Pozzecco helped me a lot and it is a real joy to work with them. I will do my best to earn my minutes on the court, even though I have never played at this level. This is a great opportunity for me and I hope I will make the best of it."

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