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Cedevita to play against Olympiacos
13 10 2015 02:40:00

In the first round of Euroleague’s Group B Cedevita will play against Olympiacos Pierus. The game will be played at Heraklion Arena at 20:45 CET on Thursday.


Cedevita coach Veljko Mrsic: "We have trained very well right from the start of the season. There will be some ups and downs for us during the season, but the most important thing is to stay on the ground and keep getting better. Olympiacos are a great team. They have won Euroleague trophy two times in last five seasons and they have great Greek and foreign players. Our plan is to give our best and we will see at the end of the game where will that take us. The fact that Olympiacos will play that game at Heraklion Arena gives us no advantage. It would be maybe better for us if they played at their home court in Pireus because they will be even more motivated to play well in front of their fans in Heraklion."


Cedevita small forward James White: "This is a great opportunity for us. We have nothing to lose playing against big teams in Euroleague. We just want to come in, do our best, fight and try to win every game. Olympiacos is a great organization and they have great core group of guys. They have a lot of experience, but we have to play our best and do what we can do. We have a lot of weapons. Good thing about us is we are a deep team. I had a terrible last game against Crvena Zvezda, but other guys picked me up and played great. That is the key for our team. We have so many guys that can do so many things and you never know what day somebody is going to be on. Hopefully, everybody will come together and everybody on our team will have a good game that day. I have been looking forward to this game since I have signed with Cedevita. I marked that day on a calendar."

Audio (James White):

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