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Limoges comes to Zagreb
20 10 2015 03:35:00

After loosing at Budućnost VOLI in the sixth round of ABA League, in the second round of Euroleague Cedevita will play against Limoges. The gamme wil be held at 19:30 CET on Thursday Basketball Center Dražen Petrović.

In the first round of Euroleague Cedevita lost to Olympiacos in guests, and Limoges was defeated by Anadolu Efes at home.


Cedevita coach, Veljko Mršić: “We have finally had time to get some rest, after playing seven games in last 16 days. I expect us to improve our game, compared to our play against Olympiacos and Buducnost VOLI. We need to improve our ball movement to get our players in better positions on offense, but we also must improve on defense. Limoges are a great team. On last Saturday they outplayed Dijon by 34 points and they play better by each day. Heiko Shaffartzik is a German NT member, Randy Culpepper has returned from injury and Leo Westerman plays for French National Team. Limoges have great players, but we will give our best and try to win.”

Cedevita SG Luka Babić: “Hopefully, we will repeat the score from the last time we met with Limoges in Zagreb. They changed some players, compared to the previous season, but we know them very well. The most important thing for us is not to repeat our mistakes from the previous games. We played very well against Olympiacos for 25 minutes, but I think we lacked some experience and energy in that game. I believe that we will play better against Limoges and I hope our fans will come to the game to show us their support. We need their help.”

Cedevita PG Jacob Pullen: “This is going to be a tough game, but for us it’s just about controlling the tempo, rebounding and playing defense. If we can do that, we can win a game. Hopefully, we will have a good crowd for the first Euroleague game at home so we can get some type of home court advantage. Every team in Euroleague is good, so it is going to be a challenge. There are no easy games. We just have to prepare and do a good job."

KK Cedevita also announced an important sponsorship agreement with Croatian company Konzum.

VOICE download: Jacob Pullen

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