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Cedevita defeated by Limoges at home
23 10 2015 07:27:00

In the second round of Euroleague’s Group B Cedevita lost at home to Limoges 84:80. The game was close until the end. With a layup by Jacob Pullen Cedevita took a 78:77 lead with one minute left in the game, but guests were more focused in the crucial moments.

Jacob Pullen scored totaled 21 points, five rebounds and four assists. Miro Bilan added 19 points and nine rebounds and James White totaled 17 points with five rebounds.

Leo Westermann scored 15 points with three assists for the guests. Nobel Boungou-Colo added 15 points, seven rebounds, five assists and Heiko Schaffartzik totaled 12 points with seven assists.



Jacob Pullen (Cedevita playmaker: “It was a tough game. Euroleague is a tough league and every team can win anywhere. We had our chance to prevail, but we didn’t finish some important play at the end and it costed us. After poor start, in the second half we turned the game around. We played really well in transition, but we had some problems in half court. We don’t blame Zubcic for the loss of the game because that wasn’t the play that lost the game.”

Veljko Mrsic (Cedevita coach): “We didn’t show up in the first half of the game. We were too afraid to play against such a good team. We managed to turn the game around at the half time and we started the third quarter with much more energy. Our mistakes on defense costed us at the end of the game. 3-pointer by Westermann from the corner and offensive rebound by Nobel Boungou-Colo costed us a lot. Zubcic’s decision to shot the ball so early wasn’t smart, but we must to focus on the next game against Zadar.”

Nobel Boungou-Colo (Limoges forward): “It wasn’t an easy game, but we did what we had to do. We missed some chances to take the control of the game, but we didn’t give up and managed to get a win. The important thing is didn’t panic. We were aggressive and stayed in the game until the end.”

Philippe Herve (Limoges coach): “It was a big win for us, of course. We lost the game when we played here last season and it if you want to compete for Top 16 you must win against teams that are at your level. We started the game very well, but we lacked intensity at the start of the second half. Mentally we stayed strong, we didn’t give up and scored some important points at the end.”

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