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Cedevita loses to Olympiacos at home
20 11 2015 10:13:00

In the sixth round of Euroleague’s Group B Cedevita lost to Olympiacos at home by 83:70. Before that defeated Cedevita had won three Euroleague games in a row, but Olympiacos was simply too strong.

Jacob Pullen led Cedevita with 13 points, James White scored 12 points and four rebounds, while Miro Bilan (8 rebounds) and Luka Babic (4 rebounds) scored 10 points each.

Guests, who won the battle for rebounds (Cedevita had 27 rebounds and Olympiacos had 42), were led by fantastic Othello Hunder, who totaled 19 points and eight rebounds. Ioannis Papapetrou added 16 points with eight rebounds and Vangelis Mantzaris, who shot 3-for-6 from the three-point line, finished the game with 12 points and four assists.



Veljko Mrsic (Cedevita’s coach): “Olympiakos deserved the win. They dominated, especially on rebounds. We started the game well, but Olympiacos showed why they are on Final Four almost every year. Their players are much stronger and experienced than ours and I am not disappointed with my team. Hackett played very well for them tonight. He put a lot of pressure on our guards and Hunter dominated in the post. For us to win that game we need to rebound much better and we need to shoot 80 percent from the free throws, which wasn’t the case tonight.”

James White (Cedevita’s small forward): “They are one of the best teams in Europe and in the second half we didn’t play at the same level as in the first one. They played without Spanoulis, but when one guy doesn’t play often the other step up. All guys on their team are good plyers. They are there for a reason. Fans were great tonight. They cheered for us through whole game and I would like to thank them.”

Giannis Sfairopoulos (Olympiacos’ coach): “This is a big win for us because we have a lot of problems. We played as a team today and this win belongs to the team. We played all together on defense and offense. We didn’t start the game good defensively and they scored 24 points in the first quarter, but after the first period we improved our defense and as a result of that we won next three quarters. I would like to congratulate to my players, they showed self-discipline and they made a sacrifice on defense and on offense. This is a very young team. I don’t remember when Olympiacos had such a young roster and I think we have a great future.”

Othello Hunter (Olympiacos’ center): “I think it was a good game. Both teams played hard. Our job was to get stops defensively. We had couple guys out and it was important for everyone to step up. We played well today.”

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