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Cedevita travels to France
24 11 2015 03:01:00

After a thrilling 81:79 away win against Metalac Farmakom in the 11th round of the ABA league, Cedevita will travel to France to play in a seventh round Euroleague match against Limoges CSP. That game will be held on Thursday at 20:30 CET.

Cedevita’s score in Group B is 3-3 and Limoges CSP have two wins and four defeats, so this is a very important game for both teams.


Veljko Mrsic, Coach of Cedevita: “This is a very important game to us and it is crucial to them. Fans are great in Limoges. It is always a pleasure to play there, but it also puts pressure on the guests. We must play smart and play like a team. We have learned a lot from our previous game against Limoges. They were shooting great in that game, but we also made many mistakes on defense. In our next game we must control opponent’s offensive rebounds, which wasn’t the case in our previous two games against Metalac Farmakom and Olympiacos. We must play great on defense and put as much pressure as possible on their guards.”

Fran Pilepic, shooting guard of Cedevita: “We learned a lot of lessons from our previous game against Limoges. We let them shot too many open shots in that game and Westermann and Boungou-Colo really played great. We can’t afford ourselves to give them so many open shots and we must watch out for their offensive rebounds. I think Croatia as a great sports country deserves to have a team in Euroleague Top 16 and we will do our best to advance from our Group.”

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